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Gifts Data Model

Our Gifts data model aggregates donor data across all of our integrated CRM partners into a single unified model.

Momentum only extracts gift data from customer CRM’s that go to populate this model. No other fields are ingested by Momentum.

If you have any questions or concerns about what data Momentum takes in and how, please contact your customer success manager.

The model is below:

  "CrmAppeal": {
    "title": "string"

  "CrmFund": {
    "name": "string"

  "GiftType": {
    "ONE_TIME": "string",
    "IN_KIND": "string",
    "RECURRING": "string",
    "OTHER": "string"

  "AcknowledgementStatus": {
    "NOT_ACKNOWLEDGED": "string",
    "ACKNOWLEDGED": "string",
    "DO_NOT_ACKNOWLEDGE": "string"

  "CrmGift": {
    "donor": "integer",
    "amount": "float",
    "date": "string (YYYY-MM-DD)",
    "gift_type": "string",
    "acknowledgement_status": "string",
    "notes": "string",
    "appeal": "integer",
    "fund": "integer",
    "should_update_donor_stats": "boolean"

  "CrmGiftMetadata": {
    "gift": "integer",
    "type": "string",
    "data": "JSON object"

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