A Workflow for Every Planned Giving Program

Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement platform simplifies your day-to-day workflow, automating manual tasks and crafting personalized communications for your donors. Never worry about missing an important planned giving touchpoint again.

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Your Planned Giving Workflow Streamlined

Your time is so valuable and yet to-do lists and tasks take over your day-to-day. Instead of manually adding details to your CRM, pulling donor lists, and drafting emails, let Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement platform do the busy work for you.
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Steward Donors With Customized Plans

Each donor has a bio and custom stewardship plan that are updated in real-time as information is added about the donor or the donor interacts with your organization.
Donor Plans
Clear priorities
You’ll receive an email in your inbox daily with the donors you should reach out to. Each donor has a custom plan with relevant information, such as age and location, so you can review key facts about your donor before you connect with them.
Emails drafted in your voice
By referencing your previous communications, your AI Fundraising Assistant drafts emails in your tone of voice. The communications are never sent without your approval, so you can edit and send the emails after reviewing the draft.
Automatically sync to your CRM
Gone are the days where you need to keep a separate spreadsheet of donor plans or copy emails into your CRM. The donor plans and emails created within Momentum automatically sync to your CRM.
Integrate with planned giving tools
Momentum integrates with your existing tools like GivingDocs and FreeWill so you don’t miss a beat in your planned giving workflow.

Engage Donors Like Never Before

Your Momentum account gives you access to multiple donor engagement tools that allow you to learn about your donors, reduce manual tasks, and strengthen relationships.
Send personalized emails to Martha
Martha is an avid bird enthusiast and is planning her estate. Momentum will craft personalized emails to Martha asking after her hobby and checking in on her estate planning.
Give Jose some space
If you know your donor needs a break from outreach, you can pause their touchpoints for a specific amount of time. Jose is busy with work in the spring so pause his plan and circle back with him over the summer.
Reach out to planned giving prospects, like June
June is a consistent donor to your organization. Momentum identifies her as a potential candidate for your planned giving program and sends you an email with June’s information and a pre-drafted message.

We Prioritize Your Mental Health

Momentum is designed to help you reduce stress and take manual tasks off your plate. Within the platform, you’ll find moments of mindfulness and meditation to help you through your day.
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Build a Better World With Momentum

The team at Momentum are way out in front of anyone at using AI specifically to build tools for fundraisers.

Nathan Chappell

Founder of Fundraising.ai & Author

We are extremely satisfied with the results we've achieved using Momentum.

Emily Brown

Development Coordinator, DEF Foundation

Another $3,000! You guys are amazing! We can't stop pinching ourselves that this is happening!

Elizabeth Kiker

Chief Development Officer, House of Ruth

Finally a team that puts fundraisers first. We always focus so much on donors, and forget the other half of the equation.

Mallory Erickson

Coach & Chair of Fundraising.ai

Momentum's pioneering spirit, coupled with a deep sense of responsibility, highlight how advanced technologies can effectively be aligned with moral values and principles. Having the opportunity to work with the Momentum team, I have witnessed their deep commitment to strategic and ethical technology adoption, reflecting a future-focused approach to solving challenges in the nonprofit sector.

Nathan Chappell

Founder of Fundraising.ai & Author

The secret to effective fundraising isn’t just about donors behavior but ensuring that those behind the scenes, the fundraisers, are thriving. Momentum is putting fundraisers front and center, acknowledging their needs, goals, and challenges. This human-centric vision is both refreshing and pivotal to the future of the nonprofit sector because when you truly enable fundraisers, successful fundraising follows.

Mallory Erickson

Coach & Chair of Fundraising.ai

Another $3,000! She just called and gave her credit card and specifically thanked us for the personalized note … You guys are amazing! We can’t stop pinching ourselves that this is happening.

Elizabether Kiker

Chief Development Officer

Momentum speaks to the management needs of Development Directors. Momentum allows for a real-time review of how effective stewardship practices are well practiced by each team member so that you can coach and mentor in real-time and focus on cultivating relationships, not managing in a reactive state.

Gerad Borrego

Director of Development, Koinonia Family Services

Momentum brings a powerful new toolkit to hardworking major gift officers, one they’ve been needing for ages. If your nonprofit wants to maintain a healthy and deeply engaged major donor program, Momentum is a necessity, not a luxury.

Ellen Bristol

President, Bristol Strategy Group

The team at Momentum is bringing top level tech to the nonprofit fundraising sector with a dedication for impact and client success that I've never seen from a group of newcomers to the sector. It's a committed collective with over a decade of for-good success looking to usher in the next change for good.

Ryan Woroniecki

Lighthouse Counsel

As a professional with 20 years of major and principal giving experience, I am excited by Momentum staff's application of their understanding of the intricacies of high-level fundraising into a product that turns Development engagement plans from ideas into action and prospective solicitations into gifts received.

Sarah Grebow

Major Gift Officer & Consultant

We are extremely satisfied with the results we've achieved using Momentum

Emily Brown

Development Coordinator, DEF Foundation

Donor Engagement Powered by AI

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