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With Checkout, fundraisers can easily embed donation forms on their web pages, provide multiple payment options, and offer a variety of ways to give, such as one-time, recurring, and action-based donations.

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Drive 7X as Many Recurring Donors

Designed by behavioral scientists, Momentum leverages AI and behavioral science to help you raise more for your organization with sustainable, monthly revenue.

Make It Easier for Donors to Give

Increase your donors’ likelihood to give by offering multiple ways to pay for their donation. Momentum partners with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and Stripe.

Flexible Giving Options

Checkout allows you to set up your donation form to include one-time and recurring giving or action based donations.
One-time giving
Provide pre-selected donation amounts to influence a donor’s decision to give.
Recurring giving
Donors can toggle between one-time donations and monthly recurring donations on the donation form.
Action-based donations
Organizations set an action, such as “every time you fill up your gas tank,” and the donor selects the amount they’d like to give when the action occurs “donate $1 to climate change.

Identify High-Potential Donors

As soon as a new donor gives to your organization, Momentum uses its AI predictive insights model to wealth screen donors and evaluate their engagement levels. If identified as a mid-level or major donor, they are directed to the Major Gift Officer’s Momentum Inbox and prioritized for stewardship.

Safe, Reliable, Secure

Safe stewardship of your data is one of our core responsibilities. We rely on Stripe and Plaid, industry leaders in payment security, to process all donations.
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Optimize Your Donation Form With Checkout

Improve your donors’ donation experience and create lifelong supporters.