Build Custom Donor Stewardship Plans at Scale

Create a customized donor stewardship plan for every person in your portfolio using Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement platform.

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Cultivate Long-Lasting Relationships

Donor stewardship plans give you a step-by-step path to creating relationships that last, but a well-crafted, personalized plan takes time to build. Momentum can help you scale stewardship, while maintaining the personal touch.

Predict Donors Giving Patterns

Each donor in your portfolio has a profile in the Momentum platform with contact information, giving history, wealth screening data, and relevant, personal information. This information not only helps you learn more about your donors, but also gives Momentum’s predictive AI modeling the information it needs to understand their giving patterns.
Aryan lives in New York City
He’s particularly interested in healthcare and gave $10K to a Scholars fund last year. By reviewing his giving history and wealth screening data, Momentum’s model estimates that Aryan will give the same amount to healthcare this year.
Isabella is an active philanthropist
She lives in Dallas, Texas, and last year, she donated $5K to a local cancer research center. Using AI predictive insights, Momentum predicts that Isabella will give twice as much this year.
Aidan is passionate about civil rights
Aidan, an avid donor to civil rights organizations, travels frequently for work and donates to a variety of organizations throughout the year. The predictive AI model estimates that with consistent nurturing, Aidan could become a major donor.

Have a Clear Plan of Action

Not only does each donor have a plan, but so do you! Momentum will send an email to your inbox each morning identifying high-priority donors for outreach.

Plans That Update Automatically

Momentum creates a donor plan unique to each donor’s profile, giving history, and activity. Be the first to know if a donor has given a gift or has a change in their life, such as a new job.

Deliver tailored engagement strategies that resonate with each individual donor. Any updates you make to the donor's profile or communications you send will automatically sync to your CRM.

We Prioritize Your Mental Health

Momentum is designed to help you reduce stress and take manual tasks off your plate. Within the platform, you’ll find moments of mindfulness and meditation to help you through your day.
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Stay on Track With Your Momentum Inbox

Within your Momentum Inbox you can prioritize your outreach, have AI help you draft written communications, create contact reports, and send bulk emails.

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Reach more donors through personalized donor plans with Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement Platform.