Your Personal AI Fundraising Assistant

Easily manage your to-do list with your personal AI Fundraising Assistant at your side. Your AI assistant helps you identify high-priority donors, drafts emails, and syncs information automatically to your CRM.

New Message
Fonda, Jane
Cc Bcc
Next Season
Jane, thanks so much for your generous donation.

Your AI Fundraising Assistant in Action

While this assistant isn’t able to make coffee, it is able to take a number of your manual tasks off your plate, so you have time to focus on doing something only a human can do—building long lasting relationships with donors.
Identifies priorities
Each morning your AI assistant sends you an email, identifying high-priority outreach for the day.
Drafts emails
The assistant drafts emails for you to send to those high-priority donors, but the emails are never sent without your review and approval.
Updates your CRM
The email communications are automatically updated to your CRM, so you don’t have to copy and paste information between platforms.

Written in Your Voice

Momentum's AI-powered fundraising assistant utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze donor behavior and provide personalized engagement strategies. With our cutting-edge technology, fundraisers can optimize their outreach efforts and drive better results.
You Pick Your Writing Samples
We train the AI on writing samples you provide, so you can supervise how your AI assistant is trained.
Improvement Over Time
Your AI assistant gets better the more you use it to draft emails and edit content.

Crafted With a Personal Touch

The assistant pulls in information about your donors from their donor profile, such as where they live, where they went to college, or what types of donations they prefer to give, to draft communications that are personalized to each donor.
The Little Things
Whether it's a chance encounter from a few years ago, or a note about a donor's favorite team, the AI has all the context it needs to make sure you don't miss a chance to build a connection
The Days That Matter
Whether it's birthday, anniversaries, the date of a bequest, or a child's graduation, Momentum's AI assistant never misses an opportunity to make contact on the days that matter.

Minimize Manual Tasks

Meetings, calls, and emails are automatically added to your database so you don’t need to copy and paste information into your CRM. Contact reports are also updated after each touchpoint to save you time to focus on other initiatives.
CRM Sync
Never copy/paste an email to the CRM again. Everything you do in Momentum automatically syncs to the CRM for you.
Contact Reports On-the-Go
Our AI assistant works over text message, so you can capture contact reports from anywhere.

Amplify Your Donations With Momentum Payment Processing

Your AI Fundraising Assistant opens up your day so you can focus on the items that will make the biggest difference to your organization.