We Prioritize Your Mental Health

At Momentum, we recognize that nonprofit burnout is reaching a tipping point. We’re here to help nonprofit fundraisers prioritize mental health while empowering your organization’s mission.

We can’t ignore burnout any longer

As nonprofit fundraisers, you are some of the most passionate, hard-working people on the planet. But, you’re also stretched too thin. Strapped for time and resources, most professionals aren’t able to sustain the workload and the immense pressure to do more with less.
18 months
Is the average tenure of a fundraising position
20% of fundraisers
Intend to leave their organization in the next year
7% of fundraisers
Intend to leave nonprofit fundraising within the next year

Organizations are feeling the fall out

Fundraising turnover is detrimental to an organization’s cause, costing organizations thousands of dollars in donations, hiring, and training new personnel. Not to mention, the communities you serve are often the ones hit the hardest, getting lost in the cycle of burnout and transition
Setbacks with major gifts
Raising money, particularly major gifts, can follow years of relationship building by fundraisers with individual donors. When fundraisers leave, these efforts are greatly set back.
A team stretched thin
When an employee leaves, the remaining workload is placed on the rest of the team, fueling the cycle of overworked employees and burnout.
Cost of hiring
It will take 3-6 months to hire a new employee and another 3-6 months for the employee to be fully ramped, preventing organizations from focusing time and energy on fundraising.

Momentum is here to help

We know you love what you do–driving your mission forward, making the world a better place. But, you can’t do it alone. Designed by behavioral scientists and informed by insights from real fundraisers, Momentum uses AI and behavioral research to save you time, identify high-priority donors, and drive donations to your cause.

Fuel your mission, not your workload

Momentum offers a fundraising ecosystem to reduce manual tasks, help you foster relationships, and transform the donation experience for you and your donors.
Let Momentum Do the Busy Work
No need to sort through donor lists or profiles. Momentum identifies high-priority donors for outreach and sends them to your inbox each morning.
Stay in Your Fundraising Flow
Avoid copying and pasting info from one tool to another. Momentum automatically syncs data to your CRM and seamlessly integrates with a variety of fundraising tools.
Personalize Communication for All Major Donors
Instead of individually crafting an email to every donor in your portfolio, Momentum’s AI Fundraising Assistant drafts personalized communications at scale in your writing style.
Handle Team Transition With Ease
If roles do change among your team, Momentum allows new members of your organization to hit the ground running with reporting dashboards, up-to-date contact reports, and automatic syncing to your CRM.

Find your fundraising flow with Momentum

Take back your day and get the support you deserve with Momentum.