Donor Stewardship
Tools That Amplify Your Team’s Impact

Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement Platform enables your team to build authentic connections and more effectively steward donors. By removing manual tasks from your team’s plate, helping them prioritize, and reducing turnover, your team functions more efficiently, raising more for your organization's cause.

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Streamline Your Team’s Day-to-Day

The number of to-dos on your team’s list can be overwhelming. Momentum helps fundraisers stay organized by identifying high-priority donors for outreach and sending them to fundraiser’s inbox each morning.

Send personalized emails, at scale

Providing a personal touch is a wonderful, albeit time-consuming, way to steward donors. Momentum’s AI Fundraising Assistant drafts emails for fundraisers in their writing style, so they never have to start from a blank page.

Stay in your fundraising flow

Momentum automatically syncs data to your CRM and seamlessly integrates with a variety of fundraising tools so your team can reduce manual tasks and focus on the most pressing projects.

Boost Team Morale and Prevent Turnover

Momentum was designed to combat burnout by taking manual tasks off of fundraisers’ plates and incorporating moments of mindfulness throughout the platform. Help your team reduce their workload and overall stress with Momentum.
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Track Your Team’s Progress

Momentum's AI-powered fundraising assistant utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze donor behavior and provide personalized engagement strategies. With our cutting-edge technology, fundraisers can optimize their outreach efforts and drive better results.

Handle Team Transition With Ease

With reporting dashboards, up-to-date contact reports, and automatic syncing to your CRM, Momentum keeps your team organized. When roles change among your team, Momentum allows new members of your organization to hit the ground running.

Increase Your Team’s Impact Through Donor Stewardship

Learn how Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement Platform can help your team steward donors and raise more donations for cause.