Easily Create Donation Pages That Convert

Donation pages should be both easy-to-build and optimized for conversion. Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement platform offers Campaigns, fundraising pages that can be set up in minutes and help you convert donors into life-long supporters.

Action-Based Donations Tie Everyday Moments to Your Cause

With action based donations, you set an action and the donor can select the amount they’d like to give when that action occurs. Donors can set limits on the total amount they’d like to give as well as adjust or cancel the donation after the fact.
Give to climate change
Every time a donor fills their gas tank, they give $1 to climate change.
Support gun safety
Every time someone dies from gun violence, a donor gives $5 to gun safety.
Donate to food kitchens
Every time a donor eats out, they give .50 cents to their local food kitchen.

7X Your Recurring Donors

Compared to competitors, Momentum pages bring in 7X as many recurring donors. Momentum incorporates AI and behavioral research to help you create fundraising pages that lead to sustainable revenue.

Build Donation Pages Your Way

Customize your campaign page with images, your logo, and your organization’s story. Then, include additional elements, like leaderboards, progress bars, and recent donation notifications, to make your page even more engaging.

Make it Easier for Your Donors to Give More

By offering multiple payment options and ways to give, you create a frictionless donation experience that makes it easier for your donors to support your cause.

Multiple ways to give
Give donors the choice of one-time donations, monthly recurring donations, and action-based donations.
Variable donation amounts
Choose donation amounts for both one-time donations and recurring donations to help influence supporters’ donation decisions.
Provide payment methods
Include popular payment methods at checkout, such as partners with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and Stripe.

Raise More With Campaigns That Convert

Designed by behavioral scientists, Momentum’s platform leverages AI and behavioral research to help you raise more for your cause.