Evertrue Alternatives for Nonprofit Fundraising: Finding the Right Fit

July 3, 2024
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11 Jan 2022
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Evertrue is a platform in the nonprofit fundraising space, offering donor prospecting tools, wealth screening, and fundraising strategy guidance. While the platform offers excellent donor management tools, it never hurts to explore alternative solutions that may better fit your organization’s needs.

Evertrue Pros and Cons

Let’s first cover what Evertrue does and does not offer.

Pros: Evertrue offers a variety of benefits such as:

  • Prospect identification through engagement, wealth, and career intelligence
  • Personalized communication through video, email, text, and direct mail

Cons: However, compared to its competitors, Evertrue has:

  • A lack of fundraising tools (donation forms, donation pages, and campaign management)
  • Limited integrations. Evertrue does not sync data to your CRM in real-time.

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Top Evertrue Alternatives

Several powerful platforms offer functionality similar to Evertrue. Check out the top Evertrue alternatives below and see how platforms stack up with your needs.

  • Momentum: In addition to donor prospecting, Momentum offers donor engagement tools, such as an AI assistant to help you draft personalized communications that engage donors and fundraising software to help you create campaigns that raise dollars for your cause.
  • Gravyty: This donor engagement platform focuses on admission, alumni relations, as well as nonprofits to offer email creation support, personalized videos, and community building.
  • WealthEngine: This platform provides comprehensive donor prospecting tools, wealth screening, and analytics to identify high-potential donors.
  • DonorSearch: This solution focuses on wealth screening and donor intelligence, helping you identify major gift prospects and build strategic fundraising plans.

Comparing Evertrue with Key Competitors

Choosing the right donor prospecting and fundraising software depends on your specific needs. Let's compare Evertrue with the competitors on key aspects:

Evertrue Momentum Gravyty Raise Wealth Engine DonorSearch
Donor Prospecting Tools Wealth screening, lead scoring, social media integration Wealth and affining screening, predictive AI insights Limited donor prospecting tools Advanced wealth screening, lead scoring, prospecting tools Deep wealth screening, donor profiles, analytics
Fundraising Features Campaign management (limited: volunteer recruitment and event planning) Campaign management tools: donation forms, donations pages, and payment processing Campaign management No fundraising features No fundraising features
Data Integration Capabilities Integrates with some CRMs and fundraising platforms Integrates with a most leading CRMs and fundraising tools Integrates with some CRMs and fundraising tools Integrates with a variety of CRMs and marketing tools Integrates with some donor management systems
Pricing Structure Subscription-based pricing (and often quite expensive) Package-based pricing Subscription-based pricing Tiered pricing based on features and data access Subscription-based pricing

Evertrue Alternatives Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Momentum: Momentum offers state-of-the-art donor engagement and fundraising software. The two combined empower organizations to steward donors and raise funds at every stage of the donor lifecycle. While Momentum offers personalized, AI-powered communications such as email and direct mail, it does not offer video.
  • Gravyty: While Gravyty offers donor engagement and campaign management tools, it does not offer wealth screening and has limited prospecting capabilities.
  • Wealth Engine: Strengths include powerful prospecting tools and advanced analytics. However, WealthEngine is designed for a wide-variety of industries so the platform may not cater as much to nonprofits as other competitors.
  • DonorSearch: DonorSearch focuses on in-depth wealth screening and donor intelligence and does not offer many capabilities outside of those focus areas.
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Choosing the Right Evertrue Alternative

The best alternative hinges on your organization's goals. Here are a few different goals and considerations to take into account when looking for the best platform for your organization.

  • Prospect Identification: If you’re only looking for a solution that can help you screen and identify prospects, then DonorSearch or WealthEngine may be the best fits.
  • Major Gift Fundraising: On the other hand, if you’re searching for a suite of tools to help you with major gift fundraising, Momentum is designed to support major gift fundraisers. From custom donor plans to donor outreach prioritization, Momentum enables fundraisers to raise more while streamlining their workflows.
  • Integrations: Ensure that the platform you choose integrates with your tech stack and seamlessly fits into your workflow.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Consider platforms with strong data security practices. Do companies have security certificates such as SOC 2? What about data privacy and data handling policies? These are great questions to ask when vetting vendors.

Maximize Your Impact with Momentum

Finding the right Evertrue alternative can unlock significant potential in your nonprofit fundraising. By understanding your organization's needs and comparing various platforms, you can make an informed decision to maximize your impact.

As you explore the best fit for your organization, consider the AI Donor Engagement Platform, Momentum. Momentum leverages behavioral science and AI to help you streamline your workflow and raise more dollars for your cause.

Request a demo with Momentum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the main advantages and disadvantages of using Evertrue?

A: While Evertrue offers advanced wealth screening and personalized donor communications (video, email, text, and direct mail), it has limited fundraising features and not as many integration capabilities as other competitors.

Q: What factors should I prioritize when choosing donor prospecting and engagement software?

A: Consider your organization size, fundraising goals, budget constraints, and other tech stack to help you determine the best solution for your organization.

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