Engage Donors at Scale Via Your Momentum Inbox

Your Momentum Inbox is your one-stop-shop for donor outreach. Within the inbox, you can view custom donor plans, organize your donor outreach tasks, and send or schedule emails. All communications are automatically updated to the donor’s contact report and your CRM.

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One Place for Donor Outreach

View custom donor plans and high-priority donors identified by your AI assistant. Draft emails (or have your AI assistant draft them for you) and send or schedule emails within your Momentum Inbox. You can choose to send emails in bulk or send them individually.

Simplify Email Outreach with the Template Library

With the template library, you can create a framework of emails that you regularly send. Here’s how it works:
Add a template
Create a basic email template for the communication you want to send.
Choose the recipients
Pick the group of donors you’d like to send the email to.
Select AI
Check the AI box to have your AI assistant draft personalized emails to the recipients.
Schedule outreach
Choose a date that you’d like to send the email.

Send Bulk Emails with or Without AI

If you’d like to send bulk email without AI, you can create a template and use a standard mail merge to send multiple emails at time.

Integrate with Your Existing Tools

Meetings, calls, and emails are automatically added to your database so you don’t need to copy and paste information into your CRM. Contact reports are also updated after each touchpoint to save you time to focus on other initiatives.
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We Prioritize Your Mental Health

Momentum is designed to help you reduce stress and take manual tasks off your plate. Within the platform, you’ll find moments of mindfulness and meditation to help you through your day.
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Make the Most of Your Day With Momentum Inbox

The Momentum Inbox is your go-to tool for donor outreach, minimizing manual tasks and scaling donor personalization. Strengthen your donor relationships like never before.