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Momentum offers dashboards for both fundraising and donor engagement to help you keep track of your progress.

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Measure Your Progress

Each user can see their donor portfolio within Momentum and their communication cadences, such as the number of emails sent, calls or meetings taken, and quantity of gifts received.

Track Team Performance

Managers can track team and individual performance by reviewing the number of communications members are sending as well as overall donations received. Managers can also see if any high-priority donors have slipped through cracks and follow up with their team.

Manage Donations with Your Fundraising Dashboard

Manage your fundraising campaigns and track performance through your fundraising reporting dashboard.
Bird’s eye view
Get a pulse on the health of your program by viewing total signups, amount raised, recurring and one-time gifts.
Signup history
Review signup history, your donors’ names, emails, and amount donated.
Dig into the details
Filter by date, recipient, or campaign to understand the performance of a specific initiative.

Data Syncs in Real Time

All data from Momentum automatically syncs to your CRM in real-time so that your information is up-to-date across platforms. We also offer integrations with third-party wealth screening tools so you have as many insights as possible at your disposal.
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Best-in-Class Security Practices

We believe that stewarding your data is one of our core responsibilities. We have comprehensive security policies in place to protect your data and that of your donors.
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Measure Your Momentum

Accelerate your impact with Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement platform. Our data and analytics tools help you track your progress and raise more for your cause.