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Every charity wants to create meaningful connections with their donors, but the software they use too often gets in their way instead of making things easier. Momentum is changing that - we're creating tools designed around the way charities want to communicate with their donors, so they can spend more time on what matters.

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What We're About

We make sure every donor has a plan, and that the plan happens. Then we sync everything to your CRM for you.

Be confident that every base is covered every time.


We’re never stagnant - we’re always improving as a company and as individuals. We deeply value the growth mindest and always look for ways to improve - our fundraising tools, our company culture, our own mindsets and behaviors.


First and foremost, our goal is to make the world a better place. That happens through the organizations we work with and fund, and the hard work of our incredible team. We make every decision with an eye towards how it can improve the world.


We value excellence and reliability in everything we do. Providing a top-quality experience to our customers is our top priority, and we aim to embody that in our products, our services, and our choices.


We strive for transparency, both internally and externally. We aim to act with integrity and present our choices openly and transparently, with an eye towards what we may be missing and how we can learn from others.

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How It All Started

In 2016, Nick was researching donation psychology at Duke’s Center for Advanced Hindsight with Professor Dan Ariely. Nick's background in behavioral science led him to realize that there were a lot of easy ways to improve the donation process to help high-impact charities raise more money. With the help of some amazing like-minded teammates, the first version of Momentum’s mobile app launched in 2018, helping donors set up creative recurring donations. Over time, their team saw that charities and political organizations had an even greater need for better fundraising tools, and Momentum shifted to building fundraising tools that build lasting relationships and increase recurring giving.


Meet Our Team

Get to know the experts behind Momentum.

Nick Fitz
Nick Fitz
Founder & CEO

Nick studied philosophy and policy at Grinnell and has an MA in psychology from the UBC. His work has been featured in The Washington Post, Vox, and Nature. Recently he was a senior behavioral scientist at Duke’s Center for Advanced Hindsight. Nick enjoys porches, funk music, and thoughtful conversations.

Boston Nyer
Boston Nyer

Boston studied biomedical engineering and has a masters in Engineering for Developing Communities. He co-founded BURN, the world's largest improved biomass cooking company that has saved over 52 million trees. As Interim CEO, he led an acquisition of Equalize Health to Bill Gates’ Global Health Labs. Boston is passionate about developing and commercializing products that improve people’s lives.

Victor Yunenko
Victor Yunenko
Head of Engineering

Victor studied software engineering and social psychology. He organized implementation & go-lives of a long list of MVPs as a tech lead for various world-class companies, including UBS and the Swiss government. He enjoys studying and creating valuable software to improve the world.

Vaidehi Agarwalla
Vaidehi Agarwalla
Senior Product Manager

Vaidehi studied sociology and statistics at Haverford College. She is from Singapore, and has a background in marketing, operations, and recruiting. She recently worked in a boutique consulting firm, and she previously interned with Charity Entrepreneurship. Vaidehi enjoys mockumentaries, kayaking, and playing the piano.

Markus Magnuson
Markus Magnuson
Software Engineer

Markus started building websites in the '90s and has worked as a full-stack developer since. He is from Stockholm but lives in Brussels. Markus founded the Altruistic Agency, which provides tech expertise to high-impact charities. His academic background is in physics and the humanities, and he holds a BA and MA in cinema studies. Markus enjoys choir, horror movies, and going to the spa.

Victoria Wheeler
Victoria Wheeler
Sr. Manager, Partnerships

Victoria (or “V,” for short) studied sustainable agriculture in Kentucky and has worked on food security and healthy communities on the local, national, and international stages. Her fundraising background includes cultivating and retaining corporate, foundation, government, and individual funders, and she raised over $6-million over three years in her most recent frontline role. V spends her nonworking hours wandering the hills of Appalachia, listening to horror podcasts, and lounging in conversation with friends.

Dom Vinyard
Dom Vinyard
Software Engineer

Dom studied interface design at UCA London. He spent several years working with the UK Government on Deep Tech projects and has founded two startups. He had code deployed to the International Space Station and had designs featured in the V&A Museum. He volunteers with a non-profit, teaching software development to refugees. Dom enjoys swimming, chess, small-batch bourbon and long philosophical conversations that meander late into the night.

Andrea Metzler
Andrea Metzler

Andrea studied Communication and Video Production at the University of Northern Iowa. After working in the film industry for several years, she moved to Austin, TX and joined a small tech startup. Having caught the entrepreneurial bug, she now owns two houseplant shops, one in Des Moines, IA and one in Bend, OR. She loves creating community, being on the water, and of course, plants.

Gilbert Alelojo
Gilbert Alelojo
Operations Associate

Gilbert studied Computer Engineering with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. Alongside his family and local community, he engages in charity initiatives, turning every outing into a meaningful venture. When he's not on stage hitting the high notes, you'll probably find him glued to historical movies—especially those set in Renaissance England, a fascination ignited by the literary works of Mark Twain.

Torin Rudeen
Torin Rudeen
Software Engineer

Torin studied computer science at Princeton, and has an MA in CS from Stanford University. Recently he worked as a site reliability engineer and software engineer at YouTube, working on YouTube’s web serving infrastructure and recommendation algorithms. Torin enjoys music, fitness, and spending time with his wife.

Commander Frankie Antonio Nyer
Commander Frankie Antonio Nyer
Head of Culture

Commander Frankie brings all the good vibes for Momentum. He enjoys playing with water and plant life, running indoors, and making sure that no member of the team is without a smile for too long. His hobbies include playing with blocks and teething.

Captain Adrian Orozco-Rudeen
Captain Adrian Orozco-Rudeen
Chief of Smiles

Captain Adrian is an avid learner and enthusiastic member of the Momentum team. He specializes in improving the morale of the rest of the team, and helping his father with backend engineering. His hobbies include climbing the stairs and eating fruit.

We're hiring!

We're growing fast and are always on the lookout for great people.

The story of how we got started on Webflow

Relume was started by two guys with the same mission.
Our story starts 8 years ago... Strap in.

January 2012
Co-founder Dan finishes the economics degree he promised his mum he’d complete, only to never use it and start his own clothing business (love you mum).
June 2016
Adam catches wind of Dan’s early success and slides into his DM offering help. Dan politely accepts.
August 2017
After collectively failing a number of business ventures, Dan and Adam finally have their first break. Together they build Lumio with a team of 7 other legends.

Lumio, previously called Foenix, was a social media analytics company that helped brands like Audi, David Jones and Red Balloon source legitimate influencers for social media campaigns.

“We were essentially the Instagram police and called out fake influencers left, right and centre. It was fun and all, but there is only so many bikini chicks you can look at on Instagram before you start losing your mind.”

Dan, Co-founder and CEO of Lumio

April 2018
Lumio gets acquired by German company, Influencer DB. Yeww! 🎉

“After this, we both took up golf on during the week and started eating fancy dinners at the local Country Club... Ha. This is not what happened at all. We suck at golf and love eating Guzman Y Gomez.”

Adam, Co-founder of Lumio

June 2018
Dan is shipped off to work with ze Germans as Head of Product at Influencer DB.

Adam decides to stay in Sydney and cut his teeth as a Product Designer with one of Sydney's leading design studios.

Whilst in Germany, Dan worked with with brands such as Daniel Wellington and BMW - Ja!

Adam worked with clients like Vodafone, TAFE NSW, Adobe and also won the 'Good Design Australia' award for his work on the Seatfrog website.

November 2019
After spending time apart, Dan and Adam begin to plan their next moves and rekindle their business partnership.

The name "Relume" is born.



To relight or rekindle (a light, flame, etc.)

January 2020
Dan moves back to Sydney to join a Global startup incubator called Antler. He convinces Adam to join him.
April 2020
🚀 relume launches
For various reasons, Dan and Adam decide to turn down a $100,000 investment from Antler and start their own business venture, without taking outside investment.

To do this they would have to build a company that would be profitable in its first year. Not the next Uber of *insert clever idea*.

June 2020
After building 11 websites on Webflow in under 6 weeks as a way to test a number of business ideas, Dan and Adam decide to stick to what they know best and launch Relume - a company that designs and builds beautiful Webflow websites.

“Relume was an opportunity for us to build a profitable business, not a startup that bleeds cash, whilst doing what we love to do. It also allows us to learn about all types of businesses and the problems they deal with. These are all opportunities that we could potentially solve for in the future. For now, our goal is simple, we want to build a kickass business which means we really want our customers and the Webflow community to succeed too.”

Dan, Co-founder of Relume