Development Partners

Development Partners

Fundraisers are asked to do too much with too little - and existing solutions miss the mark. That’s where we come in. Momentum was founded in 2017 by experts in donation psychology, building software for established nonprofits like Sierra Club and launching nationally renowned campaigns like Defeat by Tweet (with coverage from the New York Times, BBC, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy).

After interviews with over 300 nonprofits (and counting!), we found that there was a real need for assistance with major gifts stewardship. So we’re building fundraiser software to help build meaningful and genuine 1-1 relationships, without all the admin work. 

Introducing Momentum Steward - your major gifts assistant. Momentum Steward helps fundraisers steward to major donors. Our 2 month pilot was a smashing success, with an average ROI of 85x and $120,000 raised. We’re building a user-centered software that delivers high quality donor recommendations and draft communications straight to your inbox, and 1-click action-logging straight back to your database. 

We’re developing the product in consultation with fundraising experts, startup product experts, and a select group of frontline fundraisers (like you) to revolutionize a fundraiser’s day-to-day life. 

What to expect

Fees: We ask partners to contribute a nominal $100/month, grandfathered in at $100 for 24 months after that (but not the $500-1000/month the software may be at launch). Payments only begin after you’re onboarded and start using the product. If you aren’t satisfied with the program, we’re happy to refund you 100%.

In-depth Interviews: We will conduct interviews with the main user - a frontline fundraiser on your team - and deep dive into their portfolio, stewardship strategy & pain points. 

Onboarding: We’ll set up a 2-3h onboarding call to integrate Momentum with your database (our security practices), set up a clearly defined portfolio, and go over expectations. 

Testing and Feedback: Once you’re live on the product, we request feedback within 1-2 days via email, text or Slack (+ weekly 30 minute calls).

Adding More Users: We will gradually onboard other members of your team onto Momentum one the initial testing phase is successful. 

Focus Sessions with Peers: Get access to a cohort of like-minded fundraising professionals.

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