Nonprofit Council

Nonprofit Council

Momentum’s Nonprofit offers the opportunity to shape the future of the nonprofit technology space and ensure that new technologies can benefit fundraisers. Our success is directly related to the invaluable guidance and expertise of our industry professionals and advisors. 

The Council is based on common best practices that ensure our product helps the nonprofits we serve. Momentum has several industry experts on board including Ellen Bristol, Mallory Erickson, Ryan Woroniecki (DonorSearch), Sudip Dutta (Blackbaud), Mitch Stein (Pond).


Engagement & Participation


Time: Commit 0 to 2 hours/month

Meetings: No standard meetings but join calls as requested

Responsiveness: Provide reasonable response to requests

Special access to Momentum products (see below)


Time: Commit 4 hours/month 

Meetings: Attend quarterly strategy meetings, scheduled Council meetings, at least 1 meeting with a potential customer, strategic partner, vendor or employee per quarter. 

Responsiveness: Provide quick responses to requests

Special access to Momentum products (see below)

Annual retreat: Attend Council retreat alongside key industry experts & consultants

Special access to Momentum products: All advisors get early access to our products, 50% off for their own orgs, and 20% off for orgs they refer. 

Public Affiliation: We love for advisors to have a public affiliation with us (e.g. LinkedIn, website, etc).

If you have any questions, please contact us!

If you're interested in joining our Nonprofit Council, please let us know below!

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