11 Time-saving AI Tools for Nonprofits

June 10, 2024
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11 Jan 2022
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11 Time-saving AI Tools for Nonprofits

With the surge of AI technology, it can be challenging to know what tools are worth your attention. To help, we’ve rounded up 11 tools that can improve your workflows and get you more time back in your day.

Best AI Tools for Nonprofits

There are only a handful of AI tools that cater specifically to nonprofits. Both Momentum and DonorSearch AI are designed for nonprofits, giving fundraisers and nonprofit professionals the resources they need to drive impact for their organization.

Best all-around tool: Momentum

Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement Platform helps you streamline your workflow while building better relationships with donors. Designed specifically for nonprofits, the AI platform leverages data from your CRM, wealth screening information, and giving history to identify and prioritize potential donors. It also offers an AI Fundraising Assistant that drafts personalized written communications and Custom Donor Plans that are updated in real-time as you engage with donors.

This full-service donor engagement platform automatically syncs to your existing tools so that you don’t need to copy and paste information from one tool to another. The platform enables you to focus your time on the projects that move the needle.

AI tool for nonprofits

For Prospect Research: DonorSearch AI

DonorSearch AI combines your nonprofit’s data with DonorSearch’s database to build innovative predictive models. It analyzes public and proprietary data to identify individuals with the capacity and interest in donating to your organization. DonorSearch AI segments the donors based on their characteristics, and provides recommendations to the fundraiser, such as preferred communication channels.

Free AI Tools for Nonprofits

There are a couple of free AI tools available that can help with ideation and content generation. If you’d like to become more familiar with AI tools, ChatGPT and Gemini are great exploratory tools that demonstrate the power of AI.

ChatGPT Nonprofit AI tool


OpenAI’s free AI chatbot tool, ChatGPT, uses natural language processing to conduct human-like conversations. It is excellent for answering prompts and providing information on a wide range of topics. However, ChatGPT’s development mainly occurs through version updates, which limits its current event knowledge.

Be specific in your prompts to receive the best answer possible, and remember to double check advice and facts before publicly sharing the information.


Gemini is Google’s version of an AI chatbot tool. Similar to ChatGPT, it answers questions and prompts. Unlike ChatGPT, it is trained continuously, allowing it to provide up-to-date responses in real-time.

Specify the desired format and tone in your requests. Gemini can adapt its response according to the criteria you provide it.

Nonprofit Marketing AI Tools

There are quite a few marketing tools that have AI-powered features. Discover how you can enhance your marketing efforts by leveraging these tools.

For social media: Buffer

Buffer is a social media management platform that offers an AI assistant to help you scale your social media presence. With Buffer’s AI Assistant, you can generate ideas, craft copy, and repurpose content across platforms.

For design: Canva

Canva’s Magic Studio is an AI tool that allows you to visualize your designs. By inputting media or text, you’re able to automatically create designs that are personalized to your brand and needs. Use it to help you ideate or to kickstart a project.

Canva Nonprofit AI tool

For image creation: DALL-E

While photographs that represent your mission, cause, and constituents, are the best way to visually represent your nonprofit, we realize that’s not always possible. DALL-E develops original images that you can use to help you brainstorm visual ideas and bolster your marketing visuals. AI-generated images can be a great alternative to stock photos as you're able to be much more creative and specific in your requests.

For copywriting: GrammarlyGo

GrammarlyGO increases team productivity by helping you ideate, rewrite, and generate content. Have generative AI help you write in your voice with customizable options for tone and formality. If you’re stuck on a sentence or paragraph, ask GrammarlyGo to provide you with alternative versions.

For SEO content: Clearscope

Clearscope is an SEO content optimization platform that is powered by AI that helps marketers outline content. Its natural language processing identifies the search intent for key phrases. It also looks at competitors’ content, pulling out common themes and questions that are relevant to your target audience so that you can create a stellar article that resonates with your customers.

Project management AI tools

When it comes to project management and documentation, AI can help you quickly find the information you’re looking for, get updates on specific tasks, and answer questions related to company documentation.

For project updates: ClickUp AI

ClickUp AI connects your tasks, people, docs, and company knowledge with AI. For example, you can ask ClickUp AI for the status of certain tasks or ask questions about the company’s PTO policy. The tool also provides automated project summaries and progress updates, making it easier to keep all stakeholders in the loop.

For better workspace navigation: Notion AI

Find information faster with Notion AI. Leverage AI-powered search to locate specific information within your workspace. You can ask AI to summarize your pages, and even translate the content into other languages, such as Japanese, Spanish, and German.

Notion AI nonprofit tool

Choosing the right AI tool for your nonprofit

AI tools can be incredibly helpful to nonprofits if it’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly into your current workflows. Otherwise, it becomes another tool that sits on the sidelines. Before you adopt AI, here are a few tips to help you choose the right AI tool for your organization.

  • Identify your specific needs: Audit where you and your team is spending the most time. Is it updating your CRM and contact reports? Is it outreach to major gift fundraisers? Is it designing marketing graphics? Or are you generally short handed due to turnover at your organization. Answering these questions will help you pinpoint where it would be most helpful to have an AI tool.
  • Consider your budget: Free options are available, but paid tools offer more advanced tools that can provide greater benefits and ROI. While AI tools cannot take the place of a fundraiser, it can act as an assistant that helps remove tedious work off of your plate.
  • Review your current tools: Whatever tool you choose needs to seamlessly fit into your current tech stack and workflow. Ensure that the AI solution integrates with your existing tools for ease-of-use.

AI tools are not a fix-all solution, and they’re certainly not a replacement for a full-time hire. But, they can help you focus your time so you’re spending more energy on the projects and strategies that drive the most impact for your organization.

For more information on all things AI and fundraising, check out our guide: AI & Fundraising: Everything You Need to Know.

If you’re looking for an AI fundraising solution that can help you identify potential donors, improve outreach, and take manual tasks off of your plate, check out Momentum’s AI Donor Engagement platform. Momentum offers an AI platform specific to nonprofits that can assist you across every stage of the donor funnel. Get started with Momentum.

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