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June 28, 2024
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11 Jan 2022
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Marriottsville, MD: DonorSearch, the industry’s leader in innovative fundraising solutions and responsible AI, announced its partnership with Momentum, an industry trailblazer in building Generative AI explicitly for fundraisers that will safeguard their data. This partnership brings together cutting-edge technology to empower fundraisers with enhanced insights and capabilities by allowing users to build their pipeline with who is most engaged and likely to convert, identify the optimal outreach moment for each constituent through personalized and adaptive donor journeys, and generate AI content such as emails, call scripts and handwritten letters in the voice of the gift officer sending it for cultivation, stewardship, and solicitation.

“Together, we’re revolutionizing how nonprofits connect with donors, blending our strengths of predictive and generative AI to set new benchmarks in fundraising effectiveness,” says Bill Tedesco, DonorSearch Founder and CEO.  

“Our collaboration with DonorSearch is a game-changer for the nonprofit sector. We both share a deep commitment to resolving the generosity crisis by delivering solutions that not only meet the current needs of fundraisers but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Together, we’re setting a new standard for innovation and effectiveness in philanthropy,” says Nick Fitz, Founder & CEO of Momentum.

“There is nothing like it in the industry. By using the power and accuracy of DonorSearch AI scores and modeling, coupled with Momentum’s actionable generative AI tools, fundraisers will achieve a level of success never seen before. We are thrilled to bring another innovative solution to nonprofits looking to make the world a better place.” says Bill TeDesco, DonorSearch Founder and CEO.  

Features and benefits of the DonorSearch and Momentum solution include:

  • Predictions on who is most likely to respond
  • Predictions of who is most likely to give in the next 12 months
  • AI content creation from the user’s tone of voice
  • Automated contact reports
  • Audience-centric messaging
  • Embedded event and engagement invitations
  • Personalized and adaptive donor journeys
  • CRM giving and engagement data
  • Integrated multi-channel outreach
  • Unlimited screenings of donors and prospects
  • Unique sector-specific custom solutions
  • Prospect identification based on organizational connectedness
  • Renowned data security
  • Millions of calculations per prospect
  • Pipeline building for all stages

The DonorSearch and Momentum Solution is available now. To learn more about this groundbreaking fundraising solution, contact

About DonorSearch

DonorSearch, a leader in fundraising intelligence solutions, revolutionizes nonprofit organizations’ fundraising endeavors through artificial intelligence. In today’s ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit fundraising, DonorSearch effectively tackles the unique challenges faced by fundraising professionals. By leveraging predictive and generative AI, DonorSearch’s intuitive solutions provide access to high-quality wealth and philanthropic data, enabling you to pinpoint ideal donors, determine optimal fundraising amounts, and perfect your solicitation timing.

Large Educational, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations across the world trust DonorSearch to enhance their fundraising efforts with the transformative capabilities of AI.

To learn more about DonorSearch, please visit:

About Give Momentum

Momentum is a technology-driven fundraising platform powered by AI, behavioral psychology, and good people. Dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations amplify their impact through innovative digital solutions, Momentum empowers nonprofit organizations to engage supporters, streamline fundraising processes, and drive social change.

Founded in 2019, Momentum streamlines fundraising processes through thoughtful workflow automation and artificial intelligence, enabling fundraisers to focus on relationship-building rather than administrative tasks. Momentum has powered impactful campaigns, driving effectiveness and providing much-needed support for nonprofit professionals. Momentum’s commitment to enhancing fundraising practices has made them a trusted partner for organizations around the world.

For more about how Momentum is serving the social impact sector, visit

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