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Learn how a brand new fundraiser inherited a portfolio of 380 donors, and raised over $75,000 in his first five months.

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Momentum has been my miraculous guy-in-the-chair. I was a first-time fundraiser stepping into a major gifts role where I had to take on a sizable portfolio and wear many hats.

With the help of their software, I rekindled hundreds of all-but-dormant donor relationships and initiated scores more, securing over $75,000 in gifts in my first five months.

Momentum managed vast troves of data to help me focus on reaching the right people with the right message, right now. It also helped me learn how to craft evocative donor outreach.

It's more than just software; it's like fundraising with training wheels—and a jet engine.

Adam Steinberg
The Life You Can Save


  • Inexperience: As a first-time fundraiser, Adam faced the challenge of stepping into a major gifts role with no prior experience.
  • Large Portfolio: Managing a sizable portfolio of 380 major donors and prospects required a strategic approach to ensure effective engagement.
  • Lack of Regular Engagement: The donors in Adam's portfolio had not been receiving regular stewardship, making it crucial to rekindle these relationships.
  • Busy Supervisor: Adam's direct supervisor, the Development Director (DD), had a very busy schedule, limiting the amount of direct guidance and support available to Adam.

Solution: Momentum

Adam leveraged Momentum's AI-driven platform to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable results. Here’s how he utilized the platform:

  1. Portfolio Management:
    • Momentum provided Adam with a structured framework to manage his portfolio effectively. The software helped him prioritize his outreach efforts, ensuring he focused on the most promising donors.
  2. Data-Driven Insights:
    • The platform's AI capabilities analyzed vast amounts of donor data, offering Adam actionable insights. This allowed him to tailor his communication to each donor's preferences and history, making his outreach more personalized and effective.
  3. Automated Outreach:
    • Adam used Momentum to send introductory emails to 380 donors. These emails included specific asks, which were crafted based on the insights provided by the platform. This proactive approach helped rekindle dormant relationships and initiate new ones.
  4. Learning and Development:
    • Momentum served as a training tool for Adam, helping him learn how to craft evocative donor outreach. The platform's recommendations and templates provided him with the guidance he needed to develop his skills as a fundraiser.


  • Fundraising Success: In his first five months, Adam raised $75,752.
  • Enhanced Donor Relationships: By leveraging Momentum's insights and recommendations, Adam was able to rekindle dormant donor relationships.
  • Efficient Use of Time: The platform's automation and data management capabilities allowed Adam to focus on high-impact activities, despite his supervisor's limited availability.

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